How To

We hope you find this section helpful!  If you have any suggestions or questions, please contact our office.


Electronic Forms & Documents

Most of our forms and documents are electronic and are sent securely via Jotform &/or Adobe.

  1. We will send you a link, via text or email (your preference).
  2. Click on the link, then fill and sign all require fields.
  3. When you click “Submit,” the form is securely sent to us for review.
  4. If you prefer a hard copy, you can print out the forms (or you can request that we mail you the forms), fill out manually, and then send back a scanned copy to our office via email.


Edge Portal

  • Click here to access the portal sign-in page.  (It’s very slow to load, so please be patient.)

Who can access the Portal?

  • Any responsible party for the patient can get access.  If you’re an adult patient, you are the responsible party, unless you have someone else that is financially responsible for your account.
  • A minor patient or an adult patient who is not the responsible party can be given access by the responsible party (scroll down for more information.)  Not all sections of the portal are available, however.

What can I do on the Portal?

  • Appointments
    • Confirm or cancel an existing appointment*
    • View appointment history
  • View recent transactions, financial summaries*
  • Send a message to our office
  • And some other things

*A minor patient or an adult patient who is not the responsible party will not have access to financial information and will not have the ability to confirm or cancel appointments.

How to register to use the portal:

  1. Register by clicking the “Register Responsible Party” link on the sign-in page.
  2. Enter all requested information (the responsible party first & last name, the patient’s birthdate, responsible party’s email address and responsible party’s cell phone number.)  This information must match exactly what you have provided to our office.   When everything matches, you’ll see the screen below: 
  3. Click the link shown in the above screen.  A verification code will be texted to your cell phone.
  4. You can either enter the email address or phone number you used earlier for portal registration.  Password must be at least 6 characters.  Enter the verification code.
  5. If you need assistance with registration, please contact us.

How to Register the Patient, if the Patient is not the Responsible Party

  • The responsible party must give access permission to the patient.  This is done by clicking the Gear Icon on the top bar to access “Settings.”  Scroll down to the “Patient Settings.”  Set the patient’s email in the “change email” section and click “change.”  Then, set the patient’s password in the “change password” section and click “change.”  Your patient should be set!  
  • Please keep in mind that the patient email information will sync with our system and be put on file.  If the email information is different from the patient email we have on file, the new email information you input into the portal will overwrite any existing primary patient email address we have on file.

Changing Settings

  • If you change the responsible party email under “Responsible Party Settings,”

Using the Edge Patient Portal on Mobile Devices

  • You can access the portal from your mobile device

Forgot Password

  • You can recover your password by clicking Recover Password link on the sign in page, and then entering your email.

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