Invisalign First

In La Mesa, CA, Marshall Orthodontics Turns Little Smiles Into Big, Beautiful Ones with Invisalign First!

Invisalign First is clear aligner treatment designed for children with a mixture of baby teeth and adult teeth.  They can be used, instead of braces and lower expanders, to straighten teeth and widen lower arches.  However, Dr. Marshall will still do traditional upper expanders on the upper arch for our young patients that need a wider upper arch to fix crossbites or to help with upper crowding; this is so we can get a real skeletal (orthopedic) change of the upper jaw, which Dr. Marshall believes provides orthodontic and health benefits.  At Marshall Orthodontics, Dr. Marshall will often times do traditional upper expander and Invisalign First as part of early orthodontic treatment for our youngest patients, instead of doing upper expander, lower expander, and limited braces.

With Invisalign First, our team at Marshall Orthodontics will deliver the desired results and a positive treatment experience while addressing the unique needs of growing children- aligning their teeth while expanding their arches and making room for existing teeth and incoming permanent teeth. Take a look at the video below!

Dr. Marshall’s Perspective

Invisalign First is a game changer!  What I love about clear aligners is that oral hygiene is easy (you pretty much brush & floss like normal) so I don’t see nearly as many problems with inflamed gums.  My parents don’t need to worry about broken brackets; broken brackets can wreak havoc on the treatment and will usually result in having to come in extra to the office for repair and will also usually lengthen your treatment time.  My parents don’t need to worry too much about food restrictions too; sometimes, I’ll put buttons on teeth, which you would need to be careful of, but that’s very different from a mouthful of braces.  And as much as I love to see my patients, I’m sure you will appreciate the convenience of shorter appointments and longer appointment intervals, so that you don’t need to come to the office as much as if your child had traditional appliances.  On top of it, for some of my young patients, I can achieve results that I’m unable to with traditional appliances; this has to do with the differences in mechanics of braces/traditional appliance vs. clear aligners; they just work differently (you can ask me all about it at the exam, but I won’t bore you with all the details here) and it can be very advantageous to use clear aligners for early orthodontic treatment patients.  Some of my parents are concerned about “What if my child loses the aligner?” “What if my child doesn’t wear the aligner?”.  Great questions.  The aligners are usually changed weekly; so if your child loses an aligner, I’ll usually tell you to skip to the next aligner and wear the next one for longer; this strategy works especially for our youngest patients because their teeth are much easier to move.  Believe it or not, Invisalign First patients tend to be the best at wearing their clear aligners, compared to teens and adults.  However, if your child falls into the rare category of patients that have difficulty wearing the aligner regularly, we will convert your child’s treatment over to traditional appliances without additional cost.

A Simple Start

Invisalign First starts with a simple scan of the mouth and teeth. From there, every step of your child’s plan is digitally plotted, so you know what to expect. Plus, your dental insurance may cover up to 50% of the orthodontic treatment cost.

A Happier Experience

Removable aligners mean there’s little interruption to your child’s life and the foods they love. Plus, the aligners are specifically designed to fit smaller teeth and with space to accommodate teeth that are growing in.

A Bigger Smile

As they progress through their treatment, you’ll see their smile transform through a series of small, expertly designed shifts calculated for how little teeth should move.

Made for All Sorts of Smiles

Invisalign First aligners can fix a broad range of teeth straightening and bite issues, including crowding, spacing, and narrow arches.

Minimal Food Restrictions

With Invisalign First clear aligners, children can usually continue to eat what they want.

No Change to Hygiene Routine

Growing children can continue to brush and floss without hassle, keeping their good hygiene habits on track.

Proven Smile – Changing Power

When your child gets Invisalign treatment, they’re in great company. Invisalign technology has transformed over 5 million smiles worldwide. Contact Marshall Orthodontics for a complimentary consultation for your child.  Dr. Marshall will personally evaluate them to determine if they are a candidate for Invisalign First!